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EP81: Homelessness to Google with Tony Guarnaccia
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Host: Janelle Lara
Janelle Lara is a Business Strategist & Owner of The Social Proof Group, a Concierge Agency. In The Part-Time CEO Podcast, Janelle shares how she maintains her income and lifestyle by working 2.5 days per week, and she interviews people from all walks of life on business strategy, success, and efficiency.

Running a business that serviced Jay Z and J Lo…
… and just a few years later experiencing homelessness…
… to being one of the first people to run ads on social media platforms, and building an SEO relationship that was so valuable, people were afraid to lose him.
→ That is the story of Tony Guarnaccia, who I had the pleasure of interviewing on this week’s podcast episode. Tune in to learn more about his story, and how to get results in business (from someone who knows what it’s like to be on both ends of that journey).
Tony also gives us a taste of his Six Factor Result Loop that you can learn more about by visiting here. 

You can also connect with Tony personally here.

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