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I read the other day that 80% of startups fail. And then I learned that 50% of small businesses fail within five years. Isn’t that scary? So many people depend on those businesses. And I thought, is it because they offer bad products or services? But then I remembered plenty of businesses that sold great […]



Please join me in honoring all of our local Chambers of Commerce for their non-stop effort to create dynamic, healthy business communities for all of us. National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day is celebrated every year on the third Wednesday of October. This year, that day falls today, October 16th. I think most […]

What my Chambers of Commerce Mean to Me


National “Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce” Day this year is today Wednesday, October 16th. And I want to say thank you to our local Chambers of Commerce for everything they do to support our business communities. Most business founders and entrepreneurs are super focused on just growing their own businesses. They’re not thinking about […]

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