Tony’s Mission is to Democratize Marketing to Drive Positive Change


Tony's Vision

Tony has ambitions beyond the business world. In fact, he’s an activist of making positive change in the world. Throughout his career, he’s supported the Special Olympics, Food for the Hungry, Acts Missionaries, International Justice Mission, World Vision, Save the Bay and other funding visionary organizations, charities and causes.



Positive Change Across the World

By growing small businesses, together we can impact not just our local communities but also our world by supporting the non-profits, charities, ministries and causes that drive positive change.



Make an Impact

Those that make an impact possesses the same qualities that make great fishermen –  commitment, skill, diligence and focus. They are tenacious, teachable and team players. Great people solve problems, persevere and are passionate.



Everyone Has a Purpose

Everyone deserves an opportunity because everyone has a purpose.  We each have been blessed with unique gifts and talents.  It is our duty to use them to the best of our ability and help others develop theirs.

Let's Create Positive Change Together


Special Olympics Rhode Island

For athletes and their families everywhere, Special Olympics is an enduring symbol of hope. With any gift to Special Olympics Rhode Island, you help to inspire greatness.


Food For The Hungry

Your support helps connect the world's most vulnerable people with opportunities to lift themselves out of unimaginable hardships.



ACTS exists to train and send young pioneers to make disciples amongst the unreached through worship and prayer and tireless church planting.


International Justice Mission

IJM is the largest anti-slavery organization in the world. We know where slaves are. Your help is needed to rescue them.


World Vision

Half the world’s refugees are children. Show them God’s love, meet practical needs, and provide safe places for them to play and learn.


Save The Bay

Our mission is to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. Our vision is a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all.

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