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010. Tony Guarnaccia – HCSL – How to Run a Profitable Business
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Beyond the bottom line. Creating true success in sales is creating real solutions for your clients. Product knowledge is great but relationships, and understanding your client’s goals will help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to anticipate their future needs and troubleshoot a potential problem. This means listening and focusing on the person you are working with, even if it’s on zoom. Connie Whitman knows sales. Changing The Sales Game will help you tighten the gap between you and your customer. Listen in for tips on how to become a trusted team member with resources, answers and ideas to solve the challenges they face, you’ll be happy you did.

Why do businesses fail? Is the business owner or CEO to blame? How does a business leader keep their business moving forward and thriving beyond surviving? What are all the influencers that can affect success? These are very important questions for anyone in business. Seeing businesses fail every day is real. So how do we not become part of the statistics?
 Connie’s guest today is Tony Guarnaccia. Tony has helped thousands of businesses survive crises. Whether it was post 9/11, during the Great Recession or amidst massive company acquisitions, Tony has helped businesses navigate the uncertainties and emerge stronger on the other side.
 As a child, Tony experienced firsthand the devastating crisis of business failure when his parents’ small business failed, and they lost everything, including their home. Its impact on his life was powerful. 
Tony worked with, literally, the best businesses in every industry, including Google, Microsoft, ADP, Ford, BMW, Mohegan Sun, and Morgan Stanley to name a few. And he has helped grow over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen Fortune 500 companies.

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