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#190 – Tony Guarnaccia, Founder of Dag Gadol
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Entrepreneurship……real estate……trending news…..there’s no business like minding your own! Host Ron “Champ” Brooks, a business consulting strategist and avid cheeseburger lover, takes you through applicable best practices for your business or organization, your own personal growth, investing in real estate, and tackling today’s news stories. New episodes are released every week!

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Tough times in business are almost inevitable, however you can and will overcome them! That is the story of Tony Guarnaccia, in this interview we discuss his background, “democratizing marketing”, what business owners aren’t doing today that they should be, and his insightful best practices you can apply to your personal and business lifestyle today!

Tony has helped thousands of businesses survive crises. Whether it was post 9/11, during
the Great Recession or amidst massive company acquisitions, Tony has helped businesses
navigate the uncertainties and emerge stronger on the other side.

As a child, Tony experienced firsthand the devastating crisis of business failure when his
parents’ small business failed and they lost everything, including their home. Its impact on
his life was powerful. Having lost everything, he determined he would one day figure out
how to help business owners like his parents by learning how to run a profitable business.

This mission shaped his entire 20-year career. As an entrepreneur, business owner, and
enterprise marketer, Tony worked with, literally, the best businesses in every industry,
including Google, Microsoft, ADP, Ford, BMW, Mohegan Sun, and Morgan Stanley to
name a few. And he has helped grow over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen
Fortune 500 companies.

After working with the best businesses across hundreds of industries, he learned how they
grow consistently and predictably, using adversity to pivot towards opportunity in order to
survive and thrive in all manner of economic conditions.

His mission now has a name: Democratize Marketing — to share with small business owners
and entrepreneurs exactly What to Do to grow profitably, How to Do It, and How to
Leverage the Resources to Make It Happen. He believes that by growing small businesses,
together we can impact not just our local communities but also our world.

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