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As Dr. Joel Le Bon said in the book AI for Sales, “In sales, time kills deals. In AI for Sales, AI kills time.” The internet changed everything for sales and marketing. Artificial intelligence is going to change everything again. Are you ready to embrace that change? Creativity, strategic thinking, and informed decision-making remain distinctly human advantages in the sales motion. And, technological advancements like automation and artificial intelligence advance sales performance to the next level. Human ingenuity paired with the processing capacity of machines increases what companies can do. These smart technologies place focus on higher-value work for our organizations. Welcome to the AI For Sales podcast hosted by Chad Burmeister, noted author, speaker, and entrepreneur. This show looks into how artificial intelligence furthers professional sales. Tune in to learn how to leverage artificial intelligence and automation to 5X, 10X, or even 100X your results. Chad is the go-to guy for tools and technologies that help companies dominate their market. He guides listeners through the value of artificial intelligence in sales and its many use cases. Humans can gain a lot from artificial intelligence and automation. Gain a deeper understanding of how AI can literally take a year of work and collapse it down into minutes. Join the AI for Sales revolution here on the AI For Sales podcast.

In this episode of The AI for Sales Podcast, Chad Burmeister welcomes Tony Guarnaccia, CEO of Castosity, to discuss the transformative impact of AI on podcasting. Tony shares insights into how AI can automate various aspects of podcasting, from content creation and marketing to monetization strategies. They delve into the future of AI, job implications, and ethical considerations. Discover how podcasters can leverage AI to build influential personal brands and thrive in the evolving landscape.


The AI for Sales Podcast aims to empower everyday sellers to embrace AI superpowers and transform sales revenue.
Tony Guarnaccia’s company, Castosity, focuses on leveraging AI to automate podcast-related tasks such as messaging, questions for guests, and marketing efforts.
The four pillars of podcasting include planning, production, promotion, and profitability. Tony emphasizes the importance of focusing on promotion and profitability, which are often overlooked.


“The future of AI holds specialized use cases, with more narrow applications tailored to specific industries.”
“The value of content will decrease as it becomes more common. Influence and relationships will become even more valuable.”
“As AI becomes more common, the face-to-face interaction will make a comeback because it’s the only thing that’s real in a world where videos can be manipulated.”

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