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AMP 207: How Marketers Can Steer Companies Out of Crisis and Find Long-term Success With Tony Guarnaccia
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Former professional boxer Mike Tyson wisely stated, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Unexpected blows, such as a global pandemic and recession, have marketers evaluating their strategies to learn how to change, respond, and adapt during times of crisis.
Today’s guest is Tony  Guarnaccia, a brand consultant, founder, and author. He knows how to turn businesses around and out of tailspins. If you don’t know what you don’t know about how to grow a business, you and your business will fail.
Some of the highlights of the show include:
Bakery 2.0: Bounce back by studying marketing, business, and entrepreneurship 10-Year Journey: If you don’t know, follow those that do to grow a business Resources, Strategies, Tools: Learn what you don’t know; teach what you learn Right or wrong decision? Reduce marketing budget when revenue drops Rules to Follow: Make business sustainable and maintain profitability Maintain advertising spend in marketing; make cuts elsewhere Expand market share due to less competition and lower acquisition costs Red Flags: Results that can or can’t be controlled to drive growth Results Loop Framework: What markets are you serving? Be in the right niche What are your offerings? Identify products/services that create traction How do you grow revenue? Create trust, value, and loyalty Pain Points: Problems clients experience are opportunities to sell, provide value Supply and Demand: Trigger events and money are available, but shift and pivot  
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Quotes by Tony Guarnaccia:
“You want to make sure you are sustainable.If you don’t have a sustainable business and it’s not profitable, then you don’t have a business. You’re going to go out.”
“Now is the greatest time to expand your market share.”
“The problems that your customers or clients are experiencing are the opportunities for you to sell.”
“I’m a believer that money is always there, it just shifts.”

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