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Basement to boardroom: Resilience and SEO with Tony Guarnaccia
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Host: Brafton
Do you wanna talk marketing and have a few laughs? Good, because Jeff and Francis think marketing should be fun first, educational second, and lecturing never. We interview eclectic guests ranging from dating coaches to mushroom experts, all in an effort to find the most interesting conversations that make marketing fun and creative. Sure, we’ll occasionally get into some educational stuff, but it’s mostly by accident. We do zero half hour learning sessions. NOPE. Come have a beer, glass of wine, or whiskey with us and have a couple laughs.

Special guest Tony Guarnaccia has lived. He faced homelessness (twice), made a cake for Jennifer Lopez (seriously) and rubbed elbows with executives at some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Listen to him tell his story and discuss SEO, entrepreneurship, and resilience with Jeff and Francis. 

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