Brand Podcasting: Building Influence and Monetizing Content | Tony Guarnaccia
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Tony Guarnaccia, Head of Growth, Castocity

Tony Guarnaccia discusses the growing popularity of podcasts and their potential for brand marketing. He explains how podcasting has gained momentum, and how it presents an opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves in an oversaturated and fragmented marketing landscape. He emphasizes the importance of content creation and leveraging podcasts to build influence. Tony highlights successful brand podcasting examples like HubSpot, which has built a network of podcasts to demonstrate thought leadership and engage their target audience. He share’s his “4 P’s” formula for success and suggests that agencies can start by helping executives become guests on relevant podcasts, which can then lead to launching their own branded shows. He introduces his upcoming book series that provides insights for both podcast hosts and guests, offering strategies for maximizing the impact and revenue potential of podcasting.

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