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How do you create an app and then use it to serve your clients? AI is changing the app development game by dramatically reducing the prohibitive money and time investment required to get your big idea off the ground. 
Opportunity exists for marketing agencies to think about more than just a smart project management tool as they look to scale (and potentially sell) their agency. 
Tony Guarnaccia pivoted to app development in the podcasting space after the pandemic hurt his agency’s ambitions. By learning to prioritize his app development ideas, he’s been able to introduce some real innovation as he helps his clients Promote and Profit from their podcasts.
There are two other Ps where that came from as Tony shares his ‘marketer first, developer second’ approach to building out app ideas that actually work and that your clients can benefit from. 
Learn how to go from idea to SOP and then App for your agency in what is really a no-brainer of an idea if you are looking to innovate, systematize, and then sell that new shiny object. Please join us.
You can meet Tony G by visiting his website, to learn more about how you can turn your smart idea into an app, ideally one in the podcasting space that can earn you lots of profit!
Key Takeaways:
02:50 How AI has changed the app development game
06:10 Can you use AI to create more intuitive apps? 
07:50 The Challenge of Prioritization (now that anything is possible)
09:50 How do you test your new app idea?
11:30 The 4 Ps of Podcasting
12:50 Unpacking Promotion after the Podcast
15:00 How can agencies embrace Tony’s new tech? 
19:41 Check out 
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