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Looking Outside of the Legal Industry to Innovate with Tony Guarnaccia
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Host: Jan Roos – Legal Marketing Expert, Author, and Speaker
Are you ready to take your law practice to the next level? The Law Firm Growth podcast brings top experts from the world of attorney marketing, advertising, SEO and practice management to give you the tools you need to ignite your practice.

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CaseFuel Website ( your copy of “Legal Marketing Fastlane” ( your free copy of Small Steps Manifesto ( Tony through his website ( you exhausted all of your legal marketing efforts and resources but still couldn’t find any method that improves your client intake? Well, maybe it’s high time to think outside the box and check out what’s working for other industries.
This week, learn how you can be different from the rest of the competition with Small Business Growth Strategist Tony Guarnaccia. Find out more about what you can do when you are strained for resources, and also learn how you can overcome the global financial crisis happening today!
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We’ll be talking about:Tony’s background from e-commerce to marketing [00:47]What makes this crisis different from the previous ones [02:04]Roadblocks that people meet when trying to overcome the crisis [04:23]Are there resource constraints in law firms? [07:24]How to make the right decisions when there are resource constraints [08:33]Six factors that can grow any organization [11:00]How law firms can get more referrals [13:32]What gets people to open an email [15:27]Focus on the problem being solved and not the industry/company solving it  [18:09]Tony’s favorite influencers [21:26]How people can get through a cash crunch [23:20]The nitty-gritty of Big Fish Results [25:00]How people can make the best out of this crisis [27:33]About Our Guest:Being in the marketing industry for over 20 years, Tony Guarnaccia has become the best growth strategist in his field. He is the Founder and Owner of Big Fish Results, a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses grow and succeed. Starting out as an E-Commerce Cake Shop, he has then grown his company, serving large-scale businesses and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and IBM.
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Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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