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Today, our guest is Tony Guarnaccia and his mission is to make podcasting profitable for hosts and guests. Tony has grown over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen fortune 500 companies. Today, he is focused on bringing the same vision to podcast hosts and guests, to make podcasting profitable. As a child, Tony experienced first hand the devastating crisis of business failure.
When his parents, small business failed and they lost everything, including their home. Its impact on his life was powerful. Having lost everything he determined, he would one day figure out how to help business owners, like his parents, by learning how to run a profitable business. This mission shaped his entire 20 year career as an entrepreneur, business owner and enterprise marketer.
Tony worked with, literally, the best businesses in every industry; Google, Microsoft, ADP Ford, BMW, Sunrise Senior Living, and Foster Grant to name a few. He has helped them grow. [00:01:00] After working with the best businesses across hundreds of industries, he’s learned how they grow consistently and predictably using adversity to pivot towards opportunity, in order to survive and thrive in all manner of economic condition.
He believes that by growing small businesses, together we can impact not just our local communities, but also our world. 
His childhood family’s adversity lead him to help others. He is now helping make podcasting profitable
Podcasting for Authors – Grow your podcast by guesting on other podcasts.
Understanding the challenges of the podcasting industry and tools that help. 
Automation of podcast production
Helping guests get booked on podcasts.
Small Steps to Grow Profits – book coming
Tony’s lessons compiled to help others,  Resilience from a business perspective, Title inspired by his Mother’s journey
Quote Good is the energy of Great. Jim Collins
The Challenge in podcasting is monetizing
Designing and communicating your offer
Software created to solve his own problem of uploading, posting and sharing podcasts he’s guested on. Incorporate offers – your own or others, create sponsorship programs and find sponsors.
Private Webinar Training – learn some of his secrets
Podcast Guest Interview MasterClass

Use the PodcastOneSheet to streamline the process – electronic version – can change to accommodate the host and create multiple sheets depending on the offer – your book, your business, etc for more info
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