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This podcast, created and hosted by Antonio T. Smith, Jr. and includes frequent guest host Deaunna M. Mitchell, COO of the The ATS Jr Companies, is designed to help you develop an excellent attitude, enhance your self-esteem, develop your creative genius, set and achieve goals, harness your mind’s power, and explain the elements of personal growth. In addition, this podcast dissects, observes, and gives pratical guidance to the critical success factors such as writing skills, public speaking skills, effective communication skills, and fostering excellent relationships. It includes interviews with Millionaires and Billionares and includes the best of Antonio T. Smith, Jr’s teachings. This is the Secret of Success, by Antonio T. Smith, Jr., and it is a daily podcast designed to be your breakthrough.

Better Isn’t Good Enough…Be Different with Tony G. Guarnaccia.

Hey Secret to Success Listeners.

Wondery’s at it again.

In Wondery’s newest series, Secret Sauce, hosts John Frye and Sam Donner explore the stories and successes behind some of the most inspiring businesses, creative innovators and intrepid entrepreneurs. First up, we’re diving into the company that revolutionized how we vacation, travel, and even how we trust other people…we’re talking about Airbnb. In 2008, Air Bed and Breakfast launched at SXSW with high hopes of becoming an alternative to overbooked hotels…but they ended up with just two people booking a stay…and one of them was a co-founder of the company. How did Airbnb persevere through adversity to become a company that would forever change the way we think about travel? What was their magic – their secret sauce – that made them such an unlikely success story? And what lessons can we learn from them? 
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Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Tony G. Guarnaccia.

Tony is widely recognized as an authority on digital marketing and has driven results for thousands of businesses across the globe, from small businesses to the Fortune 500.

Tony’s personal mission is to Democratize Marketing…

To level the playing field for every business to grow and succeed by sharing exactly what they need to do, how to do it, and providing the resources they need in a way that is easy-to-understand and simple-to-execute.

He believes that by growing small businesses, together we can impact not just our local communities but also our world by supporting the non-profits, charities, ministries and causes that drive positive change.

Tony’s entrepreneurial endeavors began over 20 years ago when he created one of the first internet bakeries and later founded Image Cake, an award-winning promotional products company that served celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z as well as the Fortune 500 including Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. He also founded Occasions, an entertainment agency whose clients included Nissan, Pitney Bowes and Morgan Stanley.

Tony spent over a decade in enterprise marketing for ADP, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, AutoNation, Lithia Motors, Mohegan Sun, BMW and many others. In 2009, Tony and his team achieved the distinction of being recognized as the Google AdWords Reseller of the Year.

After a decade working at the Fortune 500 and managing over $400 million in marketing, Tony returned to his entrepreneurial passion and founded Big Fish Results to bring the same strategy, tactics and resources normally reserved for larger enterprises to small business. He later created RESULTS Trained and RESULTS Suite to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully execute marketing campaigns.

Tony has educated thousands of businesses on digital marketing, business planning and growth.

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