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Tony Guarnaccia on Resiliency, Small Steps & Lessons From Spending $400 Million on Google Ads
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Host: Matt Johnson
30 minute conversations based around one question: How do you become the #1 coach or consultant in your space? Hint – It’s not taking 15 selfies a day for social media (thank God). The secret is to become MicroFamous – Famously influential to the right people. It means people in your market think of you first. In these behind the scenes conversations, you’ll hear from those who have become MicroFamous, and how they are expanding or breaking into new markets. I’d rather matter to a thousand than be irrelevant to a billion. If you feel the same way, you’ll love these conversations. Hosted by Matt Johnson, agency founder and author of MicroFamous.

When the world is in crisis, people and businesses are in crisis too. The ability to withstand adversity is one of the most important things we need to build into our operations. We do this by taking every path, strategic decision and approach in small steps, leaning into the purpose behind it and taking action. 
Why do the small steps have such a high pay-off? What can both small businesses and enterprise level companies learn about marketing today? In this episode, growth strategist, author and speaker, Tony Guarnaccia talks about how businesses can build their resilience and the marketing lessons they can apply to achieve it.

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