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Tony Guarnaccia | Small Steps to Becoming More Resilient in Life & Business | Season 2 Episode 38
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Everyone loves a great story, to be inspired, and to be given the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Welcome to the Remarkable People Podcast! Listen now to the remarkable and inspiring true life stories of people like you and me who not only faced extraordinary challenges and difficult life circumstances, but how they overcame them and achieved greatness. In each episode our guests not only freely share what they were able to accomplish, but how they achieved real results in the practical steps they used for victory, so we can too. Personal Development, Self Help, Health and Wellness, Edutainment… whatever you want to call it, this podcast is for you to enjoy and grow with in a community atmosphere. Like our slogan says, don’t just LISTEN to the podcast, but DO what you learn, REPEAT those positive actions everyday, so you can enjoy a Remarkable LIFE- in this world, and eternity to come! Also, please note that RPP episodes are evergreen. So enjoying listening to them in whatever order you’d like. Pick a topic, guest, or title that interests you, press play, and apply these powerful truths to your life each day. That’s it. Let’s listen to your first episode now!

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 Behind every remarkable person is a remarkable example. With that in mind, imaging what it would be like to be raised by a woman so steadfast and strong, that she overcome being in quarantine and isolation with Polio as child for almost 14 years. Then, imagine having a hard working Italian-American dad that loses his bakery, not because of the quality of his food or work ethic, but because of the honest inexperience he had in running a business. It this weeks episode, hear Tony Guarnaccia’s remarkable story of diligence, resilience, and success in life. Listen to how Tony G (a digital marketing expert working with Fortune 500 companies and SMB’s around the country) not only lives the principles you are about to learn, but how you can too. This Remarkable episode is all about becoming more resilient in life, and business by taking small steps. Enjoy the Tony Guarnaccia story! 
Tony Guarnaccia is widely recognized as an authority on digital marketing, having grown over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including ADP, Ford, and AutoNation. Tony has managed over $400 million in advertising spend and in 2009 earned the prestigious title of Google Partner of the Year. Later, Tony returned to his entrepreneur roots to bring the same strategy, tactics and resources normally reserved for larger enterprises to small business. He believes that by growing small businesses, together we can impact not just our local communities but also our world.
“All my life, when faced with a big challenge, my mother has always told me to break it down into small steps. Don’t try to tackle it all at once. Just get started on the path towards your goal and then keep going, never stopping until you have achieved your dream.“ – Tony GuarnacciaEPISODE PROUDLY SPONSORED BY:
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