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Tony Guarnaccia: The Importance Of Building Resilience Into Your Business
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(Previously The Client Catching Podcast) The B2B Growth Think Tank is hosted by Adam King “The Captain” of London based Growth Consultancy Think Like a Fish. The mission of the podcast is pretty simple.. To uncover answers to the BIG QUESTION every B2B business leader needs to ask… “With so many things needing improvement in my business, where should I focus my efforts to get maximum growth in the shortest possible time?” No hype. No false promises. Just real strategies that work! Join Adam each week as he and his expert guests discuss growth strategies, ideas and insights. BUT it’s a little different to other “interview” shows too… Each week Adam and his guests help another business owner on “The Virtual Hotseat”, by masterminding actionable solutions to a specific challenge they’re currently trying to solve in their business. And you too can have your challenge featured on the show! Send in your challenge to thinktank@thinklikeafish.co.uk answering the question… “What challenge are you facing in your business that, if you could solve it in the next 90 days, would have a huge impact on your growth?” And I’ll look forward to collaborating to help you fix it on the show! 🙂

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we all need to be prepared to navigate our business (and lives) through disruption and uncertainty so it’s strong and secure enough to weather any storm and emerge stronger from it.
The question is how do we do this?
The simple answer is by building resilience into your business. 
The longer answer is what I’m going to be discussing with my guest today, Founder of Results Trained Tony Guarnaccia, who is here to share with you a new approach to growing your business, by focusing on taking the small steps necessary to grow your profits in any economy, and build a business that lasts.
As you’ll hear, Tony HAD to have resilience. From being homeless (twice) to working with some of the greatest companies in the world like Google, Ford and ADP, he’s lived through both the peaks and valleys of life.
On this episode:
Why Tony and I aren’t just a couple of idiots standing on the side of a river… What is business resilience? The first thing to focus on when things go wrong. The 6 growth factors that work for every business. Resilience lessons you can learn from failure. If you can clearly explain this… Your company WILL grow. The formula for Exponential growth. And much more!
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