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WGC 042 – Podcast Monetization with Tony Guarnaccia from Castocity
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Host: Dave Stewart
Are you interested in getting more traffic to your website? More leads to support your business? More sales to create the life you desire? Dave helps you accomplish all of these goals and more through expert interviews with the greatest internet marketers on the planet. Do you have a new business and not sure where to start? Dave mixes it up with his love of the outdoors and his passion for online marketing to walk you through the steps of growing your influence online. Topics like podcasting, email marketing, social media, search engine optimization, blogging, list building, entrepreneurship and other big topics that will level up your game this year. Grab the step x step strategies and the exact steps that helped his guests grow the largest online followings in the world. If you love the online business and want to dig into online strategies you’ll learn something huge in every episode. Short on a marketing budget? No problem. Short on time? We have you covered. If you’re a solopreneur this is the perfect show for you. Find out how to build a team through outsourcing, build passive income through affiliate marketing, online courses, membership sites and more. I’ll be sharing easy to consume tips in every episode that you can implement today.

Show Notes:
Tony Guarnaccia is here to share some insight into a new podcast monetization service he is developing that will help you grow and monetize your podcast.   Tony describes the Castocity labor of love which helps you produce your podcast more efficiently.
We find out what the 4 P’s are all about and how and why you need to promote your podcast.  Tony tells us why he started this business with no contacts, no podcast and no money to get started.  We will see if he can build a $1 million dollar business.

Show Notes with Tony Guarnaccia
– Small steps to grow profit.
We noted Roger Maves who as on the Outdoors Online Podcast in episode 35 here.
– Aaron Walker in episode 11 talked about paid mastermind groups.
– I noted the Barbless Podcast who was doing a great job in the fly fishing space but has pod faded.
– I noted the Podcast Advertising Playbook podcast which is one of my favorites.
– Jay Abraham was on the Outdoors Online Podcast in episode 34 here.
– Ascent Fly Fishing was on the podcast in episode 51 of the Wet Fly Swing podocast.
– Rob Walch was on the podcast here
– I noted Chartable and tracking
– Free bonuses for coaching
– Uber suggest
You can find Tony at
Castocity Podcast Monetization Platform Conclusion 
Tony Guarnaccia is on the podcast to share his new company that will help you solve many of your podcasting struggles.  Castocity helps you leverage co-marketing with guests.   We find out how to help your big name guests promote your episode through making it super easy.
We dig into Tony’s background and why he is going all in on podcasting.  We find out how Tony’s product will help you to hand off some of the podcasting process and to reduce the overwhelm process.
Show Notes:

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